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Aneta Błajek

Product Sales manager

ASTA stairs are a practical solution that will be perfect for your home, garage or utility room. Put your trust in a minimalist form and high functionality supported by the simplicity of assembly and access to many product variants that can be adjusted to the conditions and layout of the room.

Loft and austere style, or maybe Scandinavian design? You decide what your space will look like. Arrange it and choose metal stairs without investing in expensive projects. The simplicity of design and assembly means that the entire assembly process can be performed without the qualified specialists.

Customize stairs for free. Choose practical and eye-catching interior accessories.

Ready-made external stairs or metal internal stairs are a kind of communication string connecting different floors with each other. They can be used in homes, industrial buildings, as well as utility rooms, offices, terraces and mezzanines. The products are designed for self-assembly – installation of the system is simple and does not require a specialist.

Steel stairs for sale are available in the following variants:

  • external stairs,
  • internal stairs,
  • quarter-turn stairs,
  • stairs with a landing,
  • system stairs without a landing

You can choose from 14 configurations. Additionally, you can decide on your own which type of step filling will be optimal for you:welded grating, profiled grating, non-slip board or laminated timber board.

The sets, apart from steps and railings, also contain all the elements needed for self-assembly, such as: bolts, screws, support elements, steps, and railings – the customer is obliged only to buy the anchors . The entire process can be performed within a few or several hours – it all depends on the number of elements used for this (flights, platforms). The main advantage of metal stairs is that they take up a relatively small space. Thanks to this, it is easier to integrate them into less spacious interiors. Therefore, they will suit wherever the user wants to use as little space as possible for their assembly. Due to the design of the entire structure and material, they are often chosen by fans of a loft and austere style. The steel stairs are additionally galvanized, which significantly extends their service life – they demonstrate a high degree of resistance to changing weather and thermal conditions.

Our customer have used ASTA modular stairs in residential and service buildings.

Choose from 5 types of handrailings, 4 types of steps and 14 configurations of platforms and flights, optimizing the space and matching their design to the interior design. Check the available options and dimensions of modular stairs or call and consult our specialists who will help you choose the right model for the conditions of your room.

What distinguishes our metal stairs, apart from extremely simple assembly, is the possibility of adjusting the height of the steps (smoothly adjustable in the range from 170 mm to 200 mm). Dedicated spring washers prevent the construction from “loosening”. Freedom in customizing the stairs, their resistance to weather conditions and attractive design are the most common reasons why customers choose our products.

Are you planning assembly outside or in an outbuilding or garage? Order ready-made stairs with steps made of welded or profiled grating, which protects against uncontrolled slippage.

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By choosing ASTA modular stairs, you can adjust the components according to their intended purpose – they will be perfect both as entrance stairs to the house, external stairs, or as terrace stairs in your home leisure section.

ASTA modular metal stairs can be used as:

  • main stairs,
  • technical stairs in public utility buildings,
  • outbuilding stairs,
  • garage stairs,
  • basement stairs,
  • terrace stairs,
  • loft stairs

Are you looking for an alternative to classic carpentry or reinforced concrete stairs? Choose an easy-to-install and attractive solution, available even in 2 weeks. Our steel stairs designs are characterized by an attractive and competitive price. To learn more about costs, check the available options – download and quote modular stairs. You don’t know how to do it? Customize the stairs and match them to the interior with our specialist. Contact him by phone or via the online form at the bottom of the page and ask about the prices of steel stairs.


Schody modułowe

Modular stairs - customize

Schody modułowe stopnie z kraty wema
Welded grid
Profiled grid
Schody modułowe drewniane
Outdoor non-slip board (larch)
Schody modułowe drewniane
Indoor laminated timber (beech)
Board base - board
Board base - E5 angles
variant of modular stairs
Landing on brackets
variant of modular stairs
Landing on brackets
variant of modular stairs
Landing on brackets
variant of modular stairs
Landing on brackets
variant of modular stairs
Landing on supports
variant of modular stairs
Landing on supports
variant of modular stairs
Landing on supports
variant of modular stairs
Landing on supports
variant of modular stairs
Landing on supports
variant of modular stairs
Landing on supports
variant of modular stairs
Landing on supports
variant of modular stairs
variant of modular stairs
variant of modular stairs
Double landing
Schody modułowe barierka
Railing without filling
Schody modułowe barierka
Railing with filling
Schody modułowe barierka nowoczesna
fi 4 mm lines
Schody modułowe barierki nowoczesne
fi 12 mm tubes
Safe railings
Schody modułowe
modular stairs technical dimensions

Need help with stairs configuration?

Contact our specialist!

Need help with stairs configuratio?

Contact our specialist!


Are you looking for an alternative to classic carpentry or reinforced concrete stairs?
Choose an easy-to-install and attractive solution, available even in 2 weeks.

We have extended the offer with an additional riser plate. It covers the space between the steps and gives the asta stairs their unique design and character.

Unique design

Low cost

Easy assembly

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of modular stairs is their simple construction, which can be assembled and installed without the support of a specialist. The steps are connected with short hexagonal bolts. Thanks to the adjustment, you can adjust both the height of the steps and the entire flight of stairs. Start the assembly with twisting the stringers. Screw the next components downwards. Fasten the last, lower step with the screws provided for this purpose, and anchor the higher steps to the wall to give the whole construction stability.

The assembly method depends on the type of stairs – steel stairs with a straight flight are assembled differently than modular stairs or stairs with a platform on poles. Do you want to learn more? Download the assembly instructions.

We know very well how important quality and aesthetics are for our customers. Many years of experience and continuous technological development allow us to create a project adapted to modern trends and user requirements. Ready-made metal stairs are a chance to obtain a unique interior effect. Take advantage of our wide range of available products.

Why should you choose ASTA modular metal stairs?


Reinforced concrete stairs are connected to the building structure, therefore each change of the concept and place requires a similar change in the design and rearrangements with the designer. It is also harder to give them a more advanced shape.

Schody modułoweWOODEN STAIRS

Wooden stairs can be made at any stage of finishing the house, but they are much less durable than reinforced concrete or steel ones. It should also be remembered that they require regular maintenance.


Modular stairs are made of steel, protected against corrosion by galvanizing and powder coating, which guarantees durability in all weather conditions, and also allows for many years of use. Prepared elements of the stairs can be assmebled at any stage of construction, as well as used in a different place for a possible later reconstruction.

Contact a distributor who will help you choose ready-made metal stairs tailored to the needs and conditions of the room. Join the group of satisfied customers now and choose the ASTA modular stairs.

You can order the staircase in two ways:
From our partner – get the contact from the map available on our website.
Order direct from us by sending an e-mail or giving a call for further details

If you want to install just a singular flight you can utilize 20 steps and reach 4 meters. If you use any middle landing or a winder the maximum height is not limited.

No. The stairs have been designed in the way which gives our client a possibility of assembling them on their own within a few hours. To each set there is a simple assembly manual included which clearly explains how to put all modules together step by step. You can also download the instruction from our website.

ASTA stairs can be installed in any place, using appropriate tread filling, balustrade, and corrosion protection. The stairs meet BS standards for residential and industrial purposes. Modular system can be successfully installed inside and outside the building.

The multivariate system allows to fit the flight in more than one configuration into the desired space. However, the technical issues such as tread depth or flight width are a subject to verification with your space possibilities. We encourage you to download the price list where you can find all the system measurements and if not sure, please contact us – we will help you choose the best option.

ASTA modular railings are available in 2 different section lengths: 1.2m and 2.4m. Sections can be joined, while the final section should be cut to the desired length.
The railing can be installed in two ways:
• into the terrace floor
• to the front of the terrace

Right or left turned stairs do not meet the requirements of a self-supporting structure. The winder is supported on one column from the inside, while the outside winder’s beams require anchoring. Ask our team which side of the winder can be anchored optionally.

ASTA modular stairs are available in one basic flight width – 900 mm. Optionally can be ordered in a new 700mm width, but only as a straight flight or with the winder.

Based on many years of experience in designing stairs, we have adopted the optimal width of the flight, so that it is not only comfortable, allowing you easily pass with another person, but also to fit ASTA into the limited spaces.

Platforms can be joined together directly one to each other. In case when you need a joint middle landing and make 180* turn with the connection adapter will be needed to give a space for balustrades. All the top landings can be joined in one row only.

ASTA modular stairs, as a structure dedicated to outdoor as well as indoor use is protected in two different ways:
HDG – hot deep galvanisation is a zinc corrosion protection which gives the highest quality of galvanisation. Protect the structure from rust for many years even when used outside.
Galvanising and Powder Painting – this double coat protection works perfectly not only in every environmental conditions but also gives the structure more pleasant look.

The shipment is free for the central UK. There might be some additional shipping costs for Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Northern Irland. UK islands are subject to separate shipment quote.

ASTA modular stairs are intended for self-assembly. You can use the services of local construction companies or call an installation team that may have already done some renovation, construction or other work for you.
Nevertheless, the simple and intuitive assembly manual encourages to do the installation on your own. The manufacturer does not provide any assembly services.

If the purchase was made directly from the manufacturer, there are two methods of payment:
– traditional transfer based on a previously sent pro-forma invoice.
– credit card payment – a fast payment can be made using personalised payment gate provided by the salesperson.
Possibility to pay for your order using your PayPal account

Yes, ASTA modular stairs can be painted in a pallet of RAL colours specified by producer. Please note that painting stairs in non- standard colour can be associated with a significant increase in the price of the stairs. Please contact our sales team to find out more.

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